• For Indexing backlinks
  • Called AlphaSeoBot
  • From somewhere unknown
  • By an unknown organization
  • Gets a score of 32%

What is AlphaBot?

AlphaBot is a bot for website AlphaSeoBot. The website has an excellent bot page, which is also mentioned in its user agent. They state that the data collected by AlphaSeoBot is used in the AdSense (Display Advertising) reports, the public backlink search engine index maintained as a dedicated tool called ?AlphaSeo backlinks? (web graph of links) and the Site Audit tool that analyses on-page SEO, technical and usability issues. The website of AlphaSeo is limited and offers a highly priced service for SEO reports. Regarding this service, the bot probably collects backlinks.

BotRank for AlphaBot (32%):

The Internet of Bots has evaluated AlphaBot against 50 different checkpoints, of which 16 have been confirmed as being positive. These checkpoints evaluate the transparency and occurrence of a bot and don´t necessarily say something about its quality. The BotRank is calculated as [16*2=] 32%. The details of the bot and the BotRank can be seen below. For more information on how the BotRank is made, you can visit the page Botrank.

User Agent(s) (4/5):

  1. Distinguishable: Yes
  2. Botname: AlphaBot
  3. Email: Not mentioned
  4. Version: 1
  5. Mozilla: 1

Whois (1/5):

  1. Public: Visit Whois
  2. Organization: Not specified
  3. Country: Not specified
  4. City: Not specified
  5. Street: Not specified

Weblinks (3/5):

  1. User agent: Visit AlphaSeoBot
  2. Crawler: Visit AlphaSeoBot
  3. Homepage: Visit AlphaSeoBot
  4. Query: Not available
  5. Adding: Not available

Usage (2/5):

  1. Recommended: No
  2. Category: Indexing backlinks
  3. Free query: No
  4. Register: No
  5. Logo: Yes

Occurrence (3/15):

  1. Has visited during 3 of the 15 control months

Webdepth (3/15):

  1. Has visited 3 of the 15 control sites