• For someting unknown
  • Called Id Search
  • From The United States
  • By ZZZ Consulting
  • Gets a score of 44%

What is IDBot?

IDBot is a bot for the website Id Search. Although they have an extensive page on what ID Search is and what IDBot is, this text is all they provide about their service. There is no way for users to query the data and there is no explanation as to what ID Search does with the collected data. They say that We are a research group, so we reserve the right to refuse collaboration with you to ourselves if your search purpose lies beyond the margins of our scientific interest. Instead of following the robots.txt protocol they ask users to email them in order to stop their crawler, they refuse to give out their IP addresses and ask for funds. In summary: ID Search uses a lot of text to explain noting and provides users with no information what so ever as to what IDBot does.

BotRank for IDBot (44%):

The Internet of Bots has evaluated IDBot against 50 different checkpoints, of which 22 have been confirmed as being positive. These checkpoints evaluate the transparency and occurrence of a bot and don´t necessarily say something about its quality. The BotRank is calculated as [22*2=] 44%. The details of the bot and the BotRank can be seen below. For more information on how the BotRank is made, you can visit the page Botrank.

User Agent(s) (4/5):

  1. Distinguishable: Yes
  2. Botname: IDBot
  3. Email: Not mentioned
  4. Version: 1
  5. Mozilla: 1

Whois (5/5):

  1. Public: Visit Whois
  2. Organization: ZZZ Consulting
  3. Country: The United States
  4. City: Philadelphia
  5. Street: Yes

Weblinks (2/5):

  1. User agent: Visit Id Search
  2. Crawler: Visit Id Search
  3. Homepage: Not available
  4. Query: Not available
  5. Adding: Not available

Usage (0/5):

  1. Recommended: No
  2. Category: Unknown
  3. Free query: No
  4. Register: No
  5. Logo: No

Occurrence (6/15):

  1. Has visited during 6 of the 15 control months

Webdepth (5/15):

  1. Has visited 5 of the 15 control sites