Linguee Bot

  • For Collecting specific data
  • Called Linguee
  • From Germany
  • By Linguee GmbH
  • Gets a score of 54%

What is Linguee Bot?

Linguee Bot is a bot for website Linguee. Linguee is an English-German dictionary (and offers even more languages). After searching for a word, Linguee will reply with a dictionary definition, a link to Wikipedia and external sources in both languages. This is where Linguee Bot is used for. Linquee has the following to say about it: Since Linguee is a search engine, our web crawler is a fundamental piece of our technology. Most of the multilingual text content you find on Linguee is gathered by an automated indexing process involving the web crawler. The Linguee bot will scan the content of any website it encounters to search for multilingual text. It does not harvest e-mail addresses, and it won't index content that isn't multilingual.

BotRank for Linguee Bot (54%):

The Internet of Bots has evaluated Linguee Bot against 50 different checkpoints, of which 27 have been confirmed as being positive. These checkpoints evaluate the transparency and occurrence of a bot and don´t necessarily say something about its quality. The BotRank is calculated as [27*2=] 54%. The details of the bot and the BotRank can be seen below. For more information on how the BotRank is made, you can visit the page Botrank.

User Agent(s) (3/5):

  1. Distinguishable: Yes
  2. Botname: Linguee Bot
  3. Email:
  4. Version: Not mentioned
  5. Mozilla: Not mentioned

Whois (5/5):

  1. Public: Visit Whois
  2. Organization: Linguee GmbH
  3. Country: Germany
  4. City: Cologne
  5. Street: Yes

Weblinks (4/5):

  1. User agent: Visit Linguee
  2. Crawler: Visit Linguee
  3. Homepage: Visit Linguee
  4. Query: Visit Linguee
  5. Adding: Not available

Usage (5/5):

  1. Recommended: Yes
  2. Category: Collecting specific data
  3. Free query: Yes
  4. Register: Yes
  5. Logo: Yes

Occurrence (4/15):

  1. Has visited during 4 of the 15 control months

Webdepth (6/15):

  1. Has visited 6 of the 15 control sites