• For someting unknown
  • Called LTX71
  • From Canada
  • By Contact Privacy
  • Gets a score of 58%

What is Ltx71?

LTX17 is a shady webcrawler with an unknown purpose. Users can not query the gathered results and it is not clear why LTX71 visits your domain. The makers have had the decency to include their main domain and email address in their user agent, giving it a little more credit in terms of unknown web crawlers. The entire information on the referred to page is: We continuously scan the internet for security research purposes. Our crawling is not malicious and only notes summary information for a page. If you have further questions please contact

BotRank for Ltx71 (58%):

The Internet of Bots has evaluated Ltx71 against 50 different checkpoints, of which 29 have been confirmed as being positive. These checkpoints evaluate the transparency and occurrence of a bot and don´t necessarily say something about its quality. The BotRank is calculated as [29*2=] 58%. The details of the bot and the BotRank can be seen below. For more information on how the BotRank is made, you can visit the page Botrank.

User Agent(s) (2/5):

  1. Distinguishable: Yes
  2. Botname: Ltx71
  3. Email: Not mentioned
  4. Version: Not mentioned
  5. Mozilla: Not mentioned

Whois (5/5):

  1. Public: Visit Whois
  2. Organization: Contact Privacy
  3. Country: Canada
  4. City: Toronto
  5. Street: Yes

Weblinks (2/5):

  1. User agent: Visit LTX71
  2. Crawler: Not available
  3. Homepage: Visit LTX71
  4. Query: Not available
  5. Adding: Not available

Usage (1/5):

  1. Recommended: No
  2. Category: Unknown
  3. Free query: No
  4. Register: No
  5. Logo: Yes

Occurrence (14/15):

  1. Has visited during 14 of the 15 control months

Webdepth (5/15):

  1. Has visited 5 of the 15 control sites