• For Collecting specific data
  • Called Nmap
  • From The United States
  • By Insecure.Com LLC
  • Gets a score of 50%

What is Nmap?

The Nmap Scripting Engine is a bot belonging to website Nmap. Nmap (Network Mapper) is a free and open source (license) utility for network discovery and security auditing. Many systems and network administrators also find it useful for tasks such as network inventory, managing service upgrade schedules, and monitoring host or service uptime. Nmap itself is around for many years and is often depicted as typical hacking software in movies. Wikipedia adds to this that Nmap is a tool that can be used to discover services running on Internet connected systems. Like any tool it could potentially be used for black hat hacking, as a precursor to attempts to gain unauthorized access to computer systems; however, Nmap is also used by security and systems administration to assess their own networks for vulnerabilities- i.e. white hat hacking.

BotRank for Nmap (50%):

The Internet of Bots has evaluated Nmap against 50 different checkpoints, of which 25 have been confirmed as being positive. These checkpoints evaluate the transparency and occurrence of a bot and don´t necessarily say something about its quality. The BotRank is calculated as [25*2=] 50%. The details of the bot and the BotRank can be seen below. For more information on how the BotRank is made, you can visit the page Botrank.

User Agent(s) (3/5):

  1. Distinguishable: Yes
  2. Botname: Nmap
  3. Email: Not mentioned
  4. Version: Not mentioned
  5. Mozilla: 1

Whois (5/5):

  1. Public: Visit Whois
  2. Organization: Insecure.Com LLC
  3. Country: The United States
  4. City: Seattle
  5. Street: Yes

Weblinks (2/5):

  1. User agent: Visit Nmap
  2. Crawler: Not available
  3. Homepage: Visit Nmap
  4. Query: Not available
  5. Adding: Not available

Usage (4/5):

  1. Recommended: Yes
  2. Category: Collecting specific data
  3. Free query: No
  4. Register: Yes
  5. Logo: Yes

Occurrence (2/15):

  1. Has visited during 2 of the 15 control months

Webdepth (9/15):

  1. Has visited 9 of the 15 control sites