Try These!

The Internet of Bots analyzes automated bots, spiders or crawlers based upon their visits to various websites. Every website gets visits from real persons and visits from bots. We are trying to make the details of these bots a little more transparent. Sometimes these bots help to power awesome websites themselves, where users can find a lot of interesting information. These are some of the best:

Logo Leipzig Corpora Collection Leipzig Corpora Collection Find how often a word occures on the web and what words are accoiated with it
Logo Linguee Linguee Online dictionary Linguee is a magnificent alternative for Google Translate
Logo Use to see how a websites used to look through the years
Logo CMScrawler CMScrawler Look up statistics of the most used Content Management Systems (CMS) per country
Logo CCBot CCBot Download a huge amount of web crawl data, that can be accessed and analyzed by anyone